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Yuvraj Gupta

About me:

Welcome to my blog!

I'm Yuvraj Gupta, a passionate writer and avid learner dedicated to exploring the fascinating connections between biology and chemistry. As a Biochemistry student at Imperial College London, I've published three research papers on:

  • The therapeutic potency and applications of Stem Cells in regenerative medicine

  • Plant communication

  • Effects of radiation on cells

You can read all my research papers on this website!

My journey began in high school with a project on enzyme activity, sparking my curiosity and leading me to pursue biochemistry at the university level. From microorganisms to ecosystems, my love for biology has only grown.

Throughout my academic journey, I have excelled in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Spanish. These subjects have equipped me with the analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for biochemistry. Genetics and genomics particularly captivate me, and I am fascinated by: 

  • DNA code

  • Gene interplay

  • Gene editing technologies

  • Personalized medicine

Beyond Academics

I'm committed to scientific communication and advocacy. Through my blog, I explore recent scientific discoveries and promote sustainability through science. My inquisitive nature and strong analytical skills drive me to tackle complex problems innovatively.

I thrive in collaborative environments, engaging in various research projects, and continually seeking to expand my knowledge. Additionally, I excel in writing and communication, making complex scientific concepts accessible to a broader audience.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let's explore the wonders of biochemistry together!

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